News for climbers
Assisted braking belay device
This device is suitable for low weight and low fall factors
Suitable for ascending ropes
Lock in security with one hand
The "9" can be used for canyoning in dry canyons but is prohibited for use in wet canyons.
Made in France 100% recyclable
(simplicity + self-braking = 9)
Designed for single climbing ropes < 10.5mm
Copyright : ©2009 Inawa

Simplicity and security :
This new one piece system has both the advantages of mechanical self-braking systems and the simplicity of classical belay devices and descenders.

Simplicité et sécurité :
Ce nouveau système monobloc associe les avantages des systèmes mécaniques
auto-freinants et la simplicité des assureurs-descendeurs classiques.
Double security :
self-locking and smooth braking. A dynamic braking which reduces tension on the anchor points.

Double sécurité :
auto-freinants et souplesse de freinage.
Un freinage dynamique qui a pour effet
de limiter la force appliquée sur les points d’ancrage.

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