The nine is the result of many years of research, experimentation and producing prototypes…
it is above all the outcome of the reflections of a climber, climbing instructor, mountain guide, coach, sports teacher and technical advisor ... on safety in the sport of climbing.
Inventor of the "9".

8+1 = 9

" My first intention was to do something simple (without mechanism, springs, etc.) which allows, at an affordable price, people to practice the sport of climbing with greater safety.

For five years, I worked in the development of the "9", passing through several versions, which improved on, up to the final product that worked as I had hoped.I wanted to start from what already existed, not to deny the past but "rely" on it. I asked myself "what is there that exists that no-one has already thought of (knowingly)? What is there that I can discover that already exists without having been used?"And then I thought of everyone : right-handed and left-handed people, the symmetry… the feminine and the masculine and the aesthetics, and curves.

One thing led to another, technical constraints imposed the emergence of forms in several dimensions of space. From the 8, the symbol of infinity but something closed in on itself, I have derived the following : the "9", the new number, the ultimate number, the last number : the end that announces a beginning, a birth with one doubt on the side, a question mark… and where are we going?Of course, talking of new things, implies acquiring some new techniques.

In practice, for every evolution… in "real life" we should not let what is we know today become an obstacle to what we might know tomorrow… "
Copyright : ©2009 Inawa

Simplicity and security :
This new one piece system has both the advantages of mechanical self-braking systems and the simplicity of classical belay devices and descenders.

Simplicité et sécurité :
Ce nouveau système monobloc associe les avantages des systèmes mécaniques
auto-freinants et la simplicité des assureurs-descendeurs classiques.
Double security :
self-locking and smooth braking. A dynamic braking which reduces tension on the anchor points.

Double sécurité :
auto-freinants et souplesse de freinage.
Un freinage dynamique qui a pour effet
de limiter la force appliquée sur les points d’ancrage.

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