For beginners, experienced climbers and climbing clubs, the 9 brings an extremely reassuring level of safety thanks to its assisted braking function which is adapted to low weight and low fall factors. An economic one-piece unit that will simplify your safety…
As easy to use as an 8 (8+1=9)
Very safe with its assisted braking belay
function system
Any knot at the end of the rope is stopped by the device
Suitable for single dynamic ropes < 10.5 mm
When unlocking the device the rope is held, not a handle
The assisted braking function works
with low weights and low fall factors
Compatible with standard belaying techniques
Robust construction
Mountain guides
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Simplicity and security :
This new one piece system has both the advantages of mechanical self-braking systems and the simplicity of classical belay devices and descenders.

Simplicité et sécurité :
Ce nouveau système monobloc associe les avantages des systèmes mécaniques
auto-freinants et la simplicité des assureurs-descendeurs classiques.
Double security :
self-locking and smooth braking. A dynamic braking which reduces tension on the anchor points.

Double sécurité :
auto-freinants et souplesse de freinage.
Un freinage dynamique qui a pour effet
de limiter la force appliquée sur les points d’ancrage.

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